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2015 UTA Dues / Application Form

Indiana Cemetery Association Membership Application

The application for membership in the Indiana Cemetery Association is available by clicking on the picture below:

Thank you, Billie Caldwell!

Billie Caldwell, Noblesville Township Trustee for 36 years will be retiring at the end of her current term. In addition to her years in office, Billie has been a fierce proponent of Indiana township government. Billie was a founding board member of the United Township Association of Indiana. Thank you Billie, enjoy retirement!

2014 Annual Dues

It’s time for our annual dues. You may open the file below, fill in your information, print the form and send it to the UTA address listed. If you have never joined the UTA, we invite you to become a member. – Click here for the 2014 Annual Dues Form -

Important! Annual Report Update



Information Requested from Townships- Please Help


The United Township Association of Indiana would like to know if there are any townships which reimburse Medicare Part B to Board Members who are receiving Social Security.

Roy Lasater, longtime Township Board Member, Passes Away

The officers and members of the United Township Association of Indiana would like to pass along their love and sympathy to Jane Lasater, former Trustee in Delaware County, at the loss of her husband Roy. Roy was a long time Township Board  member and an active township advocate.

UTA Announces Regional Training Workshops


The United Township Association of Indiana is sponsoring Regional Training Workshops in March.

UTA President John Rooda passes away


Ross Township Trustee John Rooda died Thursday, October 21, 2010.

Please Send Us New Trustee Information

If your township has a new trustee for 2011, please forward their name and address to the UTA.

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