About Us

At the community, grassroots level, Indiana is served by a Township form of government which is overseen by an elected Township Trustee and Township Board. These officials live in the community which they serve, and are directly responsible to their neighbors, friends and family.

The idea of Township Government is as old as the United States- a grassroots form of government where citizen officials contribute to maintain community values and goals.

The United Township Association was established in late 2006 as an organization of township officials dedicated to the idea of improving and preserving local township government in Indiana.

The United Township Association was founded on some key principles:

  1. Our goal is to promote, preserve and improve township government;
  2. The UTA is a “no frill” advocate for township government. We believe the most effective lobbying is done by trustees and township board members;
  3. Maintaining the respect of state legislators and government officials is of the utmost importance;
  4. Provide an open and fair representation for Indiana township officials. The UTA By-laws require an Audit committee and a Budget Committee to ensure a fair and open association.

UTA Officers

  • Hon. Sharyn Harvey- President
    Lincoln Township, Newton County
  • Hon. Russ Franzman- Vice President
    Boone Township, Porter County
  • Hon. Diane Haberlin- Secretary
    Keener Township, Jasper County (219)987-7825
  • Hon. Nancy Webb- Treasurer
    Henry Township, Henry County (765)529-3303
  • Northern Area Director
  • Hon. Donna Tauber- Central Area Director
    piceland Township, Henry County
  • Hon. Connie Hollon- Southern Area Director
    Hamilton Township, Sullivan County
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