2012 Legislative Session Info

Three pieces of legislation of interest to township governments were passed in the 2012 session:

  • HB 1005- [Click here for synopsis of bill]
    • Eliminates government unit employees and volunteer firefighters from also holding elected positions for that unit
    • Establishes regulations regarding employment in units of government for relatives of elected officials
    • Establishes rules for units to establish nepotism policies and reporting requirements for elected officials
  • HB 1015
    • Provides immunity from civil liability to landowners who grant a decedent’s family members or invitees access to cemeteries that are located on the landowners’ properties and subject to property tax assessment as cemetery lands
    • Provides immunity from civil liability to persons who guide family members or invitees to those cemeteries.
    • Provides that a family member is allowed access to those cemeteries at least 3 days a year.
  • SB 0191
    • Permits a political subdivision to authorize its investing officer to invest public funds for a maximum term of five years (within certain provisions)

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